第008話EPISODE 008


With a lot of food talk and a short story on her life.
This time, our guest is Ms. Sakiya, a writer with a special focus on business related works.
While her book of Mazeru Kyouiku (Mixed Education) is the hottest new arrival,
we are interested in different perspective of her distinct personality
-- it appears to be just the opposite of her appearance.
We are curious as to two styles of rice and life of the beauty,
who does not like the Bagna Cauda.
Interview and Story by : Kazuya Karasawa




好きと嫌いとではどちらが多いか、ですか? 好きなもののほうが多いです。ただ、トピックスが100個あるとしたら、そのうちの8割は「どうでもいい」の箱に入るかな。無関心なんです、いろんなことに(笑)。一般的には無関心ってネガティブなイメージのある言葉ですよね? 冷たいと思われたり。でも一概にそうでもないと思うんです。私の感覚として、無関心=生きやすくなるツールだと思っています。


Mrilled lean meats really make me happy. I am from Hokkaido, and I was not so fond of meats when I was young. The reason for this is, first of all, meats for school meals did not taste good. In addition, my parents are not a big fan of meats either. Then, as a resident of Hokkaido, Jingisukan, a Japanese grilled mutton dish, was the dish edible for me. Well, I have no problem with this, because Jingisukan is tasty! Nevertheless, I have never had a quality meat, except such meats at the buffet, and it was a surprise for me when I finally ate a proper, full meal of meats for the fist time. In addition to the beefs, game meats and lean meats with the fat cut off are still my favorite foods today. Of meats, however, I don't like cooked liver. Unless the staff in restaurants recommends me the menu, I would not have it. Why are so many people obsessed with it? Well, sorry for talking about such stuffs from the beginning (laughter).

Do I like more than I dislike? Yes, I do like more than I dislike. However, if there are 100 topics, I do not really care about 80 percent of them. Mostly, I am nonchalant about things (laughter). In general, I guess the negative is inherent in a nonchlanat attitude.
Even though I was actually told that I was cold by some people I used to meet, I do not consider myself to be cold. At that time, I was entirely convinced by a theory of Yankee. I read the book when the term of Mild Yankee emerged, and learned the reason why most Japanese people put their social networks to be the center of their lives. Of course, I have friends, but I am wondering if the relationship between people like "You guys are the best# Thanks!" is truly wonderful.

My feeling is that, an air of indifference makes things easier. Most of the time, the relationship is getting difficult due to too much commitment. In the age of overflowing information, it is quite challenging for us to deal with all of them. If so, I would want to committ to the only things I do like. In a sense, I feel that an air of indifference makes things much easier.

私の勝手な分析なんですけど、人間にはヤンキータイプとオタクタイプがあると思うんです。それが、はっきり分かれるのではなくグラデーションになっているんじゃないかな。ヤンキータイプは仲間と一緒にいることやその場のノリに重きを置いていて、オタクタイプは 人とのつながりよりもコンテンツやモノに執着しやすい。その二択で言うと、私はオタク側なのだと思います。

でも、ダメでした。お店の方とお話するのは楽しかったんですけど「こちら、なんとかさんです」などお客さん同士の紹介みたいなのが、苦手すぎて。初対面の人と話すのがつらいんです。それでよく飲み屋の常連になろうとしてたな、といまでは思います (笑)。結局、その店へは足が遠のいてしまったんですけど、それからしばらくして、常連客になりたいというミッションはコンプリートできました。近所の喫茶店のママさんが、ある時ふと「おいしい甘栗もらったんだけど、食べる?」と特別 にサービスしてくれたんです。そんなに話したことがあるわけではないけれど、何回も行ってたから顔を覚えてくれてたんだなぁって。「常連ってこういうことだよ!」と感動しました。

無関心なメニューですか? バーニャカウダですね。野菜は大好きです。そりゃあおいしいでしょう、とも思うんです。新鮮野菜をあの素敵ソースにつけて食べるんですから。でもですね、「女の人にはこれを出しときゃ喜ぶんでしょ?」みたいな感じでテーブルに登場するバーニャカウダに関しては、一生無関心を貫こうと決めています(笑)。

From my wild guess, there are two types of people: type of Yankee and type of Otaku. Whereas Yankee type puts emphasis on being with friends, taking care of all ties, Otaku type is obsessed with the contents or items, rather than with people. I would be the Otaku type among these two types.

I'm not asking for the moon, but I admired in the patterns of behaviors for the Yankee type, so I decided "to be the patron of the town" just after moving to the place where I am currently living. Bar is a good place to be connected with people. As I went to the bar several times, staffs there recognized me. It turned out to be a failed attempt, however. Although I enjoyed talking to the bar staffs, I felt quite uneasy at their comments such as "This is Mr. Somebody, who is working for Somewhere." I ended up not going there, but as you see, I was able to achieve my objective of being a patron. At the cafe, I was becoming acquainted with the lady there, and one day she asked me, "I have Chestnus. Do you want some?" It sent a thrill of joy to my heart.

Indifferent menus? That would be Bagna Cauda for sure. I love vegetables, and they are delicious -- fresh vegetables with a fabulous sauce! But you know, as for the Bagna Cauda as the menu that "girls will be pleased anyway to have it on a table," I've made my ruling to keep taking an indifferent attitude (laughter).