and recipeの料理人である山田英季の場合、
意外なメニューがRICE STORYの主人公でした。

Let us not try to talk about life but about food.
Saying so, there is not a grandiose plan.
Let me tell you a lot of stories of food and a little bit of life.
In the case of Hidesue Yamada, a cooking specialist,
one surprising menu was the leading role of RICE STORY.
Interview and Story by : Kazuya Karasawa



だって、主人公のお肉はもちろんですけど、お茶碗にバウンドさせた結果、名脇役のお米までおいしくなるなんて聞いてなかったですもん。え? しゃぶしゃぶデビューが小学校3年生って早い?はい。その件については否定できません。なぜなら、僕んち、ボンボンでしたから(笑)。もちろん、豚肉ではなく牛肉のしゃぶしゃぶです。なんせ、ボンボンなんですから(笑)。



Speaking of the menu that I was shocked at, for the first time from the birth, is no other than shabu shabu. The first shocking experience of doing shabu shabu was took place in the third grade of my elementary school. My mother showed me how to move chopsticks back and forth in the pot and it was quite impressing.

Furthermore, after those chopstick swinging shabu shabu action, we are supposed to dip meat in grated radish and ponzu (Japanese sauce made primarily of soy sauce and citrus juice). And then, we bouncingly put those meat on the rice in rice bowl. These series of action flow was unconditionally touching to my soul.

To tell the truth, I am a kind of a precocious kid who asks his mother to boil the genuine soba on every Sunday since third grade. Shabu shabu is unconditionally but that is not the case of soba. I want to research how I can eat the best soba in the world. There should be some sort of style like the amount of Soba (buckwheat) to grab at once, and how deep the noodle should be down and how long we should dip them in the soup. Looking back to myself, I feel that somehow I am an unpleasant children like a joke. But somehow I was very attracted to the beautiful pattern of eating soba and I researched seriously.
I was a child who loved Soba very much including those ceremonial patterns of eating it. But the impact I got from shabu shabu was far stronger than soba.
It was overwhelming. It could be because of the meat, but I had never heard that the rice would become tastier as a result of the beef bouncing in a bowl. What? Is it too early for an elementary third grader for a Shabu Shabu debut? Yes. I cannot deny on that. Because, I was a typical bonbon (a rich kid). Surely, it is the shabu shabu made up of beef, not of pork. Yep, because, I was the bonbon.

But we have never known what will happen in life and on the table next.
Shabe shabu disappeared from the table when I was in the sixth grade.
Suddenly, I was not bon bon anymore.
It seems that the work of my parents who did an apparel business did not go well.
I was bonbon until elementary fifth grade while in Tokyo, I had to move to the school in Hyogo prefecture from the six grade. After that day, shabu shabu was not lined up on the table. Sukiyaki which is my brother's favorite menu was not prepared with beef anymore, it was replaced by cheap chicken. It was clear from the eyes of elementary school students that our life had a fall from a certain rank.
However, my mother was an awesome cook- who always prepared delicious food, I did not feel the poverty from our table.

Talking about food, I followed my mother to the kitchen since I was very small. I was helped her thoroughly. My mother used to bake cakes, and she said to me like, “Wash them”, “Crack the eggs", “Sprinkle the flour” etc. Normal mother would expect her older son to help her but I, younger son, was the helper. Thanks to that advantage, I had positive image about cuisine. I could have very natural choice like “I want to live forever in the cuisine world.” It is not only about Soba, but I have no words to appreciate my mother`s support in helping me with cuisine.

Incidentally, I had a happy reunion with shabu shabu at the age of 16.
It was only me who came to Tokyo and studied in High School. I had the allowance enough to go out for dinner with friends since I had already started doing part time job.
Everytime I go to all-you-can-eat shabu shabu restaurants, it feels like heaven from the bottom of my heart. Happy reunion. Those ritual swaying movement of chopsticks and the series of action makes me smile from the cheek. Shabu shabu has an unconditional touching impact on me and it will continue to do so in the future.