旅と市場journey and Market

trip②台湾「台中第二市場」trip2 Taiwan “The second market in Taichung”

Q.旅で必ず立ち寄る場所は? A.市場。Q.What is the place you always have to drop off during a trip? A.Market


写真と文:山田英季(and recipe)

A market is the earliest bird in the city and an important place
that fulfills the stomachs and hearts of the local people.
An animated lively place, that accepts anybody,
is always full of delicious dishes and interesting stories.

Photos and Story by:Hidesue Yamada(and recipe)




My destination for this time was a marketplace in Taiwan. Considering that there was going to be a huge crowd there, I booked an early morning flight so that I could spend as long time as possible and arrived at Haneda at 4:30 AM. “Let’s go get something to eat first.” I got myself pork cutlet curry at a food court and headed toward the boarding gate. I was waiting fully motivated and with full stomach when I had to hear this sad announcement, “Since the boarding plane has not arrived in Haneda airport yet, the departure time is yet to be confirmed.” Oh well, accidents in journeys are inherent. Quickly switching my mood, I tried to take a short nap on the sofa right next to me but ended up waking up constantly as the sofa was pretty hard. So finally, this dumb cook (me) ended up having soft cream for his dessert stomach despite being full. The plane was going to fly for three hours after that. And thus the trip this time started with a so-so incident.

I took a cab from Taoyuan Airport to the centre of Taipei and had 40 minutes to finish work, eat lunch and get on the bullet train. I was eagerly waiting to be in Taichung City. Although I did not have a great start, my journey lover self was super excited to get on the bullet train from the airport. I took some rest after I got to the hotel and left for Aiko night market where I had Taiwan’s standard food, dim sum and minced pork rice and then got into preparing for the next morning’s coverage.

Next morning 9 AM. Arrived at Second Taizhong Market, aka Kuidaore Market.

台中第二市場Second Taizhong Market



Of course I could see a lot of food stores but within the market area, I could roughly count up to 30 different food stalls that looked like food carts. Almost all the shops were already packed by customers living in Taichung City who were either eating there alone or with families of six or seven.

Well, after I briefly finished my research, I soughed for help with my only stomach to make a decision on whether to have noodles or rice and decided to go for whatever deliciousness would catch my eyes. It was confusing. Even though I am not an IT kind of a guy, but that time around I could not help but try and find a hard disk, an external stomach to be specific, that gave a huge storage. There came an end of such a sweet delusion and decided to go for noodles. It was an steamed noodle dish, something like Chanpon, swiftly dipped into hot water with a gentle texture of thickened seafood and soy sauce based soup. It was called loganmen, a taste that a Japanese would certainly go for.

店名:承器Name of the shop: 承器


The next one was a minced pork rice shop which had extensively occupied a prime location within the market. They were serving stir-fried cabbage, fried eggplant, fried eggs which were substantially perfect side menus for breakfast.

I got myself Kakuni
(pork cut into cubes and boiled with seasoning)
type of minced pork rice (Rouleau fan),
friend eggplant and fried egg here.

店名:山河魯肉飯Name of the shop:山河魯肉飯



Without hesitation, my meat lover self proceeded to eat the Taiwanese rice which had a lump of butabara (pork belly) with dossi and fat enshrined on top of it while following the basic manner of prayer with the feeling of divinity. While eating the minced pork rice, I could actually sense how fast the contents of the dish was finishing up. I preferred the sweet-spicy taste so much that I did not care for the shape of it at all. Even in Japan, I prefer the type of fried eggplant that is slightly fried and marinated in soy sauce. And the fried egg was also simply the best.

While I finished eating there, with a reluctantly ignore the opportunity of ’ all you can eat’, I moved on to another shop. I ordered Inuiimen (Gan’imen) there.

店名:三代福州意麵老店Name of the shop:三代福州意麵老店





It was noodles with minced meat seasoned with soy sauce and sugar on the top without any soup. It came with fried items such as fried fish balls and a lot of black pepper. That was the only noodle shop around there that gave the feeling of flat curled noodles from my slippery throat to the waist. By this point of time, the satiety centre in my brain was no longer fully functional. The third shop also looked delicious. With that spirit, I bought Taiwanese obanyaki (muffin containing bean jam) and sweet iced tea and concluded my journey for this time.

Second Taizhong Market is where you can find all the great food, Kuidaore Market it is. If you were living there, you would definitely go there everyday, may be not, may be three times a day. That market only gives me the memories of delicious smell and appetizing food. And above all, I recall the faces of Taiwanese people living in Taichung City who would devour their early morning breakfast so deliciously. Markets are after all the places full of stories coming out from different foods that bring about smile among people. That is why it is impossible for me to live without journeys, markets and breakfasts.

(Cheers to the breakfast in markets!!)

How about enjoying eating breakfast in Taichung in Taipei?
I am sure you will all come across some delicious stories.


豚バラブロック 500g
生姜 10g
にんにく 1片
長ねぎ 1/2本

醤油 大さじ4
砂糖 大さじ3
酒 大さじ3
水 500ml
オイスターソース 大さじ1
五香粉 少々

サラダ油 大さじ2
ごま油 小さじ2
ごはん 適量


Bonus to the journey
Making of corner boiled type of minced pork rice.
Pork block: 500g
Ginger: 10g
Garlic: 1 piece
Green onion: 1/2

Soy sauce: 4 tablespoons
Sugar: 3 tablespoons
Alcohol: 3 tablespoons
Water: 500ml
Oyster sauce: 1 tablespoon
Chinese five spices powder : a little

Salad oil: 2 tablespoons
Sesame oil: 2 tablespoons
Rice: appropriate amount

Preparation Method:
1. Chop ginger, garlic and green onion into small pieces.
2. Chop pork block into small pieces of about 100g, put them in frypan and gently heat so that extra fat drops.
3. Take out pork, wash frypan, warm salad oil and fry ginger, garlic and green onion.
4. Add pork pieces and A; and together boil over low heat for 2 hours
5. Stop heat and pour sesame oil on top of rice. And the food is ready.