旅と市場journey and Market

trip①韓国「京東市場」trip1 Korean Kyondon Market

Q.旅で必ず立ち寄る場所は? A.市場。Q.What is the place you always have to drop off during a trip? A.Market


写真と文:山田英季(and recipe)

A market is the earliest bird in the city and an important place
that fulfills the stomachs and hearts of the local people.
An animated lively place, that accepts anybody,
is always full of delicious dishes and interesting stories.

Photos and Story by:Hidesue Yamada(and recipe)




This trip begins from the story I heard from one of my closest friends.
“Do you know freshly squeezed sesame oil of Korea? It has quite a different body and scent from that of Japanese one.”
"Really?" I was screaming out in a loud voice. And the word “freshly squeezed.” totally got me.

As being a cooking expert, I have been in a good relationship with sesame oil for years. I made salad dressing with ponzu and sesame oil and use a hint of this oil to make Gyoza dumplings and I put a few drops of this aromatic sesame oil to finish up chinese fried rice.
That sesame oil is freshly squeezed!
That is quite imaginable! Well, it has a rich flavor, right? Absolutely delicious!
My heart was completely seized by the phrase "freshly squeezed".
That made me leave for Korea to seek that oil.

After reaching Seoul, I put the luggage in Seodaemun hotel and moved to the station.
Discovering Kinpa (Korean style vinegared rice rolled in dried laver) shop, I bought some and was eating some on the train. I rushed to the marke. The name of the market is 「Kyondon market」

京東市場。お目当のごま油のお店は、5番入口から入ってすぐ右側!Tokyo Market. Sesame oil shop is to the right side from exit number 5.


After arriving at Kyondon market which took 6 minutes’ walk from the nearest Chegidon station, I saw meat, fish and veggies, even dried foods are tightly piled up. This market does not have food venders as many as in Gwangjang or Namdaemun markets, but I was able to find the venders of okayu and Bajyon (Korean type Okonomiyaki). I was walking attracted by many food materials, so many more to choose, and then suddenly my foot stopped.
I know it…..this aroma! My radar as a cooking expert has been completely scaled out.
I wiggled my nose left to right, followed the aroma. That cute baby has been sending me a sign of aroma in this crowded miscellaneous market of Kyondon.
We made eye to eye contact. When I almost fell in love with her, the angel of Korean Sesame oil appeared.

「ハイチーズ」「High cheese」

「とーってもおいしから」「Very delicious」

彼女の世を忍ぶ顔は、まるで大阪のおばちゃんのように人懐っこく、チャーミングだった。ごま油の天使、別名おばちゃんは、丁寧かつ大胆すぎるジェスチャーとともにごま油のことを話してくれる。イゲ チェゴ!! ノムノムノムマシソヨー(カタカナは僕の勝手なイメージです)。通訳してもらう前から、おいしいと力説していることはなんとなく伝わってきたが、通訳さんにちゃんと聞いてもらうと、このごま油はごまを丁寧に何度も洗ってから乾燥させ、店内にある圧搾機をつかって絞りたてを毎日瓶詰めにしているらしい。

Her hidden face, which was totally friendly like the aunty of Osaka, was really charming. The angel of sesame oil, alias aunt, talked about sesame oil with a too polite and bold gesture. Ige Cheigo !! Nomunomumasisoyo (This is my own imagination of her talking in Korean)

Before I got this interpreted, I was somehow convinced with the emphasis put on the taste, but upon hearing to the interpreter properly, I came to know the way sesame oil is produced. After washing the sesame many times carefully, it is dried and then is squeezed into bottles using the compressor inside the shop.

I felt like I was losing my consciousness when Korean aunty opened up the lid of sesame bottle and make me smell the strong aroma that I have never smelled before. I wanted to taste immediately, but I endured the temptation somehow hoping to share my moving on the flight. I left Korea.

ごま油を絞る機械。Sesame oil squeezing machine

絞り立てごま油と絞り立てえごま油。Squeezed sesame oil and just squeezed sesame oil


참기름 만세!!(ごま油バンザイ)


And then, now.
In front of my eyes, there she is, freshly squeezed and opened. Put a drop to the back of the hand and then I put it on the top of my tongue.

Like mouth full of soy sauce rice cracker, I insist, this is genuine sesame oil which spreads fragrant aroma.
The after-taste which spread inside the mouth took me to the whole new world. So, it is not just a normal oil. This sesame oil has a genuine flavor. As of soy sauce, also as oyster sauce.
This encounter, without any doubts, will be changing my life as a cooking expert.

참기름 만세!!(Sesame oil banzai)

Seeing is believing. Everyone, please do not forget to buy squeezed sesame oil when you go to Korea. You will have a sweet relationship with Sesame Oil.


ハム 80g
クレソン 1束
卵 2個
ごはん 2膳分
塩 小さじ1/2
白こしょう 多め
薄口醤油 小さじ1/2
サラダ油 大さじ1と1/2
ごま油 小さじ1
韓国海苔 6枚

1. 材料を粗みじん切りにしておきます。
2. フライパンにサラダ油をあたため、溶き卵を入れて半熟状になったらごはんを入れて、強火で素早く炒めます。
3. ハムを入れてさらに炒め、塩こしょうと醤油で味を調えます。
4. クレソンを加えてさっと炒め、火を止めてごま油とちぎった韓国海苔を和えれば出来上がりです。

Using squeezed sesame oil of Kyondon market in Korea, I will introduce my loving Recipe. Please enjoy.
Watercress and Ham fried rice
Ham 80g
Watercress 1 bunch
Egg 2
Rice 2 bowls
Salt 1/2 teaspoon
White pepper large quantity
Light soy sauce 1/2 teaspoon
Salad oil Table spoon 1 and 1/2
Sesame oil 1 teaspoon
Korean seaweed 6 sheet

Preparation Method:
1. Roughly chop the ingredients.
2. Warm the salad oil in frying-pan, put the beaten egg and put the rice once the eggs become soft-boiled, fry quickly over it by high heat.
3. Put the ham and fry a bit more, adjust the taste with salt, pepper and soy sauce.
4. Add watercress and stir quickly, then turn off the heat and add Korean seaweed stirred with sesame oil. We are done.