いいかげん食堂 Wing-It Restaurant

第二品「ポテサラ」No.02 Pota-Sala Potato Salad

駆け出し新人グルメライター山岡は、編集長の指令で取材へと向かう。訪ねた先は、いいかげんな店主が切り盛りする「いいかげん食堂」。レポート第1弾の「やきそば」に続く今回のテーマは、「ポテサラ」だと言う。「ト」と「ダ」はどこにいったの? ポテトサラダの6文字くらい略さなくていいじゃんと思いながら、山岡は、のれんをくぐるのだった。
撮影:鈴木泰介 リポート&文:山岡ひかる

Yamaoka, the fledgling gourmet writer, set off for an interview as the editor-in-chief requested. It was the 'Wing-It Restaurant' where the interview took place, managed in a perfunctory manner by a manager. Followed by the very first volume of the interview was 「Yakisoba」, 「Pota-Sala」 is the main issue for this time. Wait, wait. Where are '(Pota)TO' and '(Sala)D'? Thinking down deep that, 'there's no need to abbreviate such short words', Yamaoka entered the restaurant.
Photographer: Taisuke Suzuki / Interview & Story by Hikaru Yamaoka


今回の編集長指令は「ポテトサラダ」でした。「つまり、ZAZEN BOYSなんだよ。“ボールにいっぱいのポテトサラダが食いてえ”なわけだ」。ZAZEN BOYSの歌詞は知らなかったけど、


なぜ「ポテトサラダ」ではなく、「ポテサラ」なのか? 「ト」と「ダ」はどこに行ってしまったのか? 捜索願はどこに出せばいいのだろう? などと考えているうちに、店主は薄く輪切りにしたきゅうりを、ギューギューと塩で揉みはじめていました。










I had to stuff my inner voice way down deep that said “What is that? Something very strange is going on here.” At this time, the editor-in-chief asked me to try 「Potato Salad.」"ZAZEN BOYS, you know? 'Wanna try the bowl full of potato salads' " While I didn't know the lyric of the ZAZEN BOYS, all I could think was,
why don't YOU head for restaurant to eat?
-- Of course I am not allowed to mention this stuff to him.

On the menu of the Wing-It restaurant, however, 「Potato Salad」 didn't seem existent, which ordered me to get the 「Pota Sala」, and the manager went into the kitchen making a grimace with his face.

While I had a lot of questions in my head, like 'Why not 「Potato Salad」 but 「Pota Sala」?' 'Where are '(Pota)TO' and '(Sala)D'?' 'Who can respond to my questions?' the manager started to shrink a cucumber slice with the salt.

As he then cut the tomatoes into wedges with his skillful hand, today's leader emerged at the earliest moment. The leader of the Potato Salad is, obviously, the potato, Irish Cobbler Potato. Nonetheless, the scene, unprecedented, nonsensical and unspeakable, suddenly appeared in front of my eyelids.

Taking the boiled potato out from the pot and grabbing it pretty much harder, the manager devoted all his energies to throw it into the bowl.
Similar to the ringing of temple bells, the sound was being drawn into the exhaust fan in the kitchen of the Wing-It Restaurant.

Well, nothing will remain the same. Suddenly my memory flew back to five years ago. I turned into 18, and It was spring. Saying goodbye to my family, I moved to Tokyo from my hometown. Although staying up all night at Karaoke was not difficult for me in high school days, just after two years of moving into Tokyo, I even made my purchase with a custom made pillow, and kept on sleeping. It also happened to my trip in three days after aiming to lose weight. At the Abashiri Prison located in Hokkaido, the set meal 「Jail」 was so delicious that it was gone already. That winter, I couldn't believe that I came back to the concrete jungle, putting on 4kg of weight. In five years, I became such a spoiled person.

Still, the sound made by potato spreading the Wing-It Restaurant had the power to purify my soul and mind, that had been incorrigible since my coming to Tokyo.

It was the manager's deep voice that pulled me back to earth.

"It's easy to peel the potato in this way," whispering to me, he started mashing after peeling the potato. Moreover, the manager put olive oil in a frying pan, cooked sliced bacon, and put up with waiting on until it is golden-brown in color.
It smelled delicious!
Rip the lettuce, then place on a plate. Put the cucumber, tomato and the potato being thrown before there. Add mayonnaise. Sprinkle salt and pepper on it with delicate care.

When it comes to salt and pepper, the food is about to be served. Leaning the pan toward the top of a plate, pour the bacon and olive oil. It should be high in calories, with the combination of a lot of mayonnaise and olive oil. The yellow color of the lemon, garnished, is also naturally appetite-stimulating.

On the plate, in front of my eyes, it was not the Potato Salad,
but the no-mixed Pota-Sala. This was my first time to see this manly meal.
Squeezing the lemon by myself and mixing well with the food, the Potato Salad was served. The smell of bacon also increased my appetite! The combination of the ingredients is quite unique: with a wide range of taste and mouthfeel sensations, the food became much more enjoyable! At a glance, it is the Wing-It recipe, but it might be the food of delicate and subtle flavors.

I am totally into Pota Sala!
I bit my lip tightly, embarassed for determining to ask about the absence of 'TO' and 'D' beforehand.

Thanks for the food.

RECIPEいいかげん「ポテサラ」いいかげん ”Pota-Sala Potato Salad”

  • じゃがいも1個
  • スライスベーコン2枚
  • オリーブオイル大さじ1と1/2
  • きゅうり1/4本
  • トマト1/2個
  • マヨネーズ適量
  • ひとつまみ
  • 黒こしょう多め
  • カットレモン1/8個
  • レタス1枚
  • 1 potato
  • 2 sliced bacon
  • 1 and 1/2 tbsp. olive oil
  • 1/4 cucumber
  • 1/2 tomato
  • Extra mayonnaise
  • A pinch of salt
  • Much black pepper
  • 1/8 lemon slice
  • 1 lettuce